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Rent a car

In our company you can find a car to meet your needs.

Whether you are on vacation, or you need it for business, it is definitely the most safe and effective way to make your trip more enjoyable. Our experience in the car rental field allows us to be able to offer high quality services, always at the best prices. All our cars are well maintained and meet all standards .

Make your reservation as soon as possible to benefit from our special offers.

Please check the categories below to solve any questions you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you want to submit.


Group B (Economical Cars)

This category includes cars of small size and engine displacement (up to 1200cc). These cars are of lower rental cost and also of lower operating cost, such as fuel consumption. Each one seats up to five people.

A typical car of this category is the Nissan Micra (5- doors). It is a small but active car with a very easy operation, perfect for the city and for longer distance. It is really easy to park because of its size.

Other cars in this category: Hyundai i10 | Nissan Micra



Group C (Medium-sized cars)

This category includes cars of larger size and engine displacement (1200 to 1350cc). These cars have bigger trunk space for your luggage and a more spacious cabin for the passengers, compared to the previous category. With this category you can drive longer distances more comfortable with just a little more rental cost. These cars also seat up to five people and are equally easy for use in the city. An example is the car Hyundai i20, an excellent car to suit a family or a larger group of people.

Other cars in this category: Hyundai i20 | Opel Corsa



Group D (Large-sized cars)

In this category we have cars with a very comfortable space for passengers and their luggage. All the cars have 5 doors and the engine displacement is from 1400cc and up. With these cars you can have big and comfortable trips, for up to five adults with luggage.

Cars in this category: Hyundai Accent | Ford Focus



Automatic Cars (various categories)

We also have cars with an automatic transmission for those who prefer it or have learned to drive that way. These cars are easy and comfortable for anyone to drive. They are available in various categories of size and engine displacement.


Mini Bus

Our fleet offers cars with more seats, the so-called mini-buses or mini-vans. These vehicles have 8-9 seats including the driver and are suitable for large groups, large families or groups with a lot of baggage due to sports interest (e.g. skiing). These cars have an engine displacement from 1600cc to 2000cc and can be rented with the normal driving license of a passenger car.

Cars in this category: Nissan Serena

Car Seats for Children: Our company offers the ability to provide car seats for your baby. It is mandatory by the law to use car seats for any infant. You just need to make a reservation, in order for us to have availability. There is no extra charge for renting a baby car seat.

GPS: There is the possibility of renting a navigator (gps), if desired. It will make your trip more comfortable and shorter since you will not waste time on maps and intersections. There is a small daily charge for the device. The navigator is available in several languages ​​.

Airport – Rail stations – Ports – Hotels: We offer the possibility to pick up and deliver the car at the airport or railway station or port or even at your hotel. This is done upon request and there is an extra charge depending on the distance from your place to our headquarters.

Drivers: There is the possibility to add a second driver without extra charge.

When you rent a car you should always have knowledge of any charges like taxes, insurance or any hidden charges you may encounter. In our company the prices include all taxes and insurance. (c.d.w.)

Ask for our pricelist

-The cars are given without any kilometer limitation.
Terms and Conditions

-Before renting, the car is delivered gasoline-full and the customer has the obligation to return it so.

-All our cars are properly maintained and are in good condition.

-The prices depend on the number of rental days and the rental period. Make your reservation early to find special prices and deals.

-In order to rent a car the following documents are needed (!!! Required to be written in roman letters and valid) :

  • ID card or passport
  • Driving License (the driver should be at least 23 years old and own their license for at least one year period)
  • Credit card (master or visa)