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Loutraki is a touristic resort known for the mineral water, the casino and the thermal baths, as it is an established spa-town since 1925.

The unique climate, the natural environment of incomparable value and the wide range of options for summer holidays, or for short breaks around the year, have turned Loutraki into the main touristic destination in central Greece. The crystal clear, blue waters of the beach, the mountain “Gerania”, which surrounds the city and the thermal waters, that flow naturally, compose the unique scenery. The unique features of the area are combined with some other features, proven to be exclusive “privileges” such as:

  • Easy access to Athens and the airport ‘ Eleftherios Venizelos ‘ (about 80 km distance), as well as new airports of Kalamata and Araxos
  • The key position of the city, next to some extraordinary archaeological sites in the wider area (Acropolis, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Heraion, Sounio, Olympia, Delphi, Ancient Corinth, Mystras, etc)
  • The mild Mediterranean climate, the award winning beaches and the natural environment that surrounds them
  • The touristic infrastructure that includes more than 50 hotels and 8,000 beds, among them some 5 star hotels such as the Club Hotel Loutraki & the Poseidon Resort
  • The luxurious «Loutraki Casino», the biggest casino in Europe with 100 tables, 1,000 slot machines, and countless games
  • The «Loutraki Thermal Spa» that offers specific suggestions and treatments based on the healing properties of the thermal waters, discovered by the ancient Greeks 2,500 years ago


  • Located 14 km to the west is Lake Vouliagmeni, a small deep seawater bay that finds the Corinthian bay only through a narrow course, where one can notice, in a small scale, the water inflow and outflow caused by the tide effect. In this area is also located the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Hera and the lighthouse of Heraion , called Melagkavi , from where one can enjoy the magnificent natural landscape of the Corinthian Bay.
  • 4 km to the south, heading to Corinth, is the Corinth Canal. There one can see up close one of the largest construction projects in the history of Greece, the Canal of Corinth, as well as to cross it.
  • On the mount Gerania, just above Loutraki, is the monastery of St. Patapios, constructed in the 11th century. It is accessible by car and offers a spectacular view of Northern Peloponnese, the Corinth Canal and the Saronic Gulf.
  • In a small distance from the town of Loutraki you can find other archaeological sites, such as Mycenae with the vaulted tombs, Epidaurus with its, famous for its acoustics, ancient theater, Ancient Corinth with its castle and Ancient Nemea , known in the ancient years for organizing great sport games.


The town of Loutraki has a wide range of accommodation options, a wide list from luxurious 5 star hotels, to studios and apartments as well as camping sites in nature.



Loutraki has a cosmopolitan beach alongside the city. It is a 3.5 km beach starting from the Corinth Canal and ending at the seaside park of Loutraki. It consists of small pebbles and deepens quickly. Many cafes by the beach provide loungers and umbrellas charge free. The municipality ensures safe swimming by presenting the beach with lifeguards. All along the beach you can find showers, while the beach is also accessible to people with moving difficulties. The beach is looking west, so one can enjoy the sunsets behind the coastline of Corinth on the one hand and the cape of Heraion on the other.

In the area around the city of Loutraki there are many beaches in magical landscapes with clear water and quiet, as well as the beach of Lake Vouliagmeni, with seawater constantly getting refreshed through the small water course that connects the lake with the Corinthian Bay, where one can also engage in a variety of water sports.

Going Out

Restaurants and traditional taverns, fish taverns by the sea, luxurious restaurants, Modern Greek cuisine and bar restaurants and of course for dessert the city’s famous ice cream, are some of the options available in the city and the suburbs.

The Club Hotel Casino Loutraki for game lovers, countless bars for all tastes and events such as theatrical plays, exhibitions, cultural events and street art festivals take place during the year all around the city!