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Classic Tour of Greece – 4 days

Classic Tour of Greece – 4 Days from Loutraki, Athens & Corinth

By choosing the classic tour of Greece, get ready to know myths, traditions and history of Greece

Greece is a country full of myths, traditions, history and a vibrant culture. By choosing the classic tour of Greece, get ready to get to know this magical place and be enchanted by its unique natural beauty and its rich historical heritage.

Day 1

Our tour starts at the Corinth Canal, giving you the opportunity to admire this stunning construction project that unites Central Greece with the Peloponnese. We hop on the bus and head to the ancient theater of Epidaurus, one of the most important monuments of our country and famous for both its special architecture and its remarkable acoustics. We continue to the seaside picturesque Nafplio. We make a short stop to admire the first capital of modern Greece with the paved streets and the Venetian castles.

We hop on the bus and head to “Golden” Mycenae, as reported by Homer. There you will admire the vaulted tombs of the famous Trojan war kings, the Lions’ Gate, the royal palace and other archaeological findings that constitute one of the most important and ancient civilizations that flourished in Greece. Having taken a strong taste of the historical region of Argolis, we continue our trip through the Central Peloponnese and the cities of Tripoli and Megalopoli to get to the place of the ancient Olympic Games, beautiful Olympia, where we will have dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2

After recharging our batteries, we start our tour at the place where the Olympic Games, the most important games of ancient Greece, were born. We will visit the archaeological site of Olympia, with the Sanctuary of Zeus, the ancient stadium and the archaeological museum, where you will admire important findings from excavations that date from the prehistoric to the early Christian times. We hop on the bus and continue our trip passing through the fields of the regions of Ilia and Achaia, all the way to the impressive Rio-Antirio Bridge, which goes across the Corinthian Gulf. Passing by the picturesque cities of Nafpaktos and Itea, we arrive at Delphi where we will have dinner and stay overnight.

Day 3

On the 3rd day we will visit the museum and the archaeological site of the famous village of Delphi. Delphi, in ancient times, was considered the center of the world, that’s why thousands of people visit it every year. There used to stand the temple of Apollo, where Pythia gave the most famous oracles. Then we head to the beautiful city of Kalambaka, which is built at the roots of the Meteora rocks. You will enjoy your walk through the city with the magnificent view of Meteora to accompany you everywhere.

Day 4

On the 4th day it’s time to visit the imposing village of Meteora. You will be in awe of the towering dark rocks, on which many monasteries are built, that constitute the second largest monastic unit in Greece. The access to them is tricky, as it is through narrow paths on the carved rocks or bridges hanging over the void. We will visit a monastery, where you can admire exquisite examples of Byzantine art. After this tour we head south, going through Trikala, we will cross Lamia, Thermopylae, where in a short stop we will admire the famous monument of Leonidas, and our adventure will come to an end late in the afternoon in Athens.

Classic Tour of Greece – 4 Days from Loutraki, Athens & Corinth

Duration 3 days
Departure points: Loutraki, Athens, Corinth, Xylokastro, Kineta
Pick Up Αt the place of residence
  • Tour Hightlights

    • Epidaurus Theater
    • Mycenae
    • Nafplion
    • Olympia
    • Delphi
    • Arachova Village
    • Meteora
    • Thermopyle

  • Available on Organized Bus Tour & Private Tour

  • The private tour includes: 

    Bus Service, Guide, Entrances, Hotels, Breakfast, Lunch

    Not includes: 

    Travel Insurance, Personal Expenses

    Extra offers:

    20% discount at our rent a car pricelist

    10% discount at Loutraki Thermal Spa’s prices