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Mystras & Sparta Day Tour

Mystras Day Tour

Mystras & Sparta Day Tour

Mystras & Sparta Day Tour from Loutraki, Athens & Corinth area

Visit the Outstanding Universal Value of Mystras! Join our private tour. 

Mystras is an UNESCO’S World Herritage, ‘the wonder of Morea’ and lies in the southeast of the Peloponnese. The best-preserved example of medieval walled town in the Greek region, is today a standing ghost city that fascinates the modern traveler with its castle, churches and the palatial complex of the ruling Byzantine dynasty, bearing witness to its bygone greatness.

Visit the City of Sparta that has become known in history for its military strength, discipline, heroism, and a large number of slaves.  It is also known in Greek mythology, especially due to the myth of Helen of Troy that led to the famous Trojan War.

Tour Hightlights

  • Castle and ruins of Mystras
  • Pantanassa Monastery
  • Peribleptos Monastery
  • Despots Palace
  • Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia
  • Céadas Archeological Museum of Sparta
  • City of Sparta

    Available on Organized Bus Tour & Private Tour

    The private tour includes: Luxury Transport, English Speaking Escort

    Not includes: Admission to Archaeological sites & museums, Certified Tour Guide, Travel Insurance, Personal Expenses

  • Extra offers:20% discount at our rent a car pricelist10% discount at Loutraki Thermal Spa’s prices

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