Ancient Corinth & Nemea Half Day Tour | Lm Tours & Cruises
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Ancient Corinth & Nemea Half Day Tour

Ancient Corinth & Nemea Half Day Tour from Loutraki & Corinth area

Visit two of the oldest cities in Greece with thousands years of history

Ancient Corinth Tour information:

One of the oldest cities in Greece, Corinth, extends from the Canal and beyond. Passing through the current city of Corinth, which is the economic and cultural center of the county of Corinth, you can see the ancient city built on a hill and on top of that hill its castle, Acrocorinth.

By walking through the city you can get to know its long history, from the ancient times (Temple of Apollo) to the Roman times (roofed passages, public baths) and the Christian times, during which Apostle Pavlos (Saul) taught at its market. In the archaeological museum of the city will have the chance to admire interesting findings.

Ancient Nemea Tour:

The tour continues in Nemea, known since the ancient years for organizing the great local games “Nemean”, but also known by a famous fable, according to which Nemea was the place where Hercules killed the terrifying lion, that had been devouring the state, and thus completed his first task. Furthermore Nemea is known for the production of red wine, which is one of a kind. You will have the opportunity to visit a local winery and learn how wine is made, try the delicate taste and buy wine for yourself or your loved ones.

Ancient Corinth & Nemea Half Day Tour from Loutraki, Corinth, Athens, Xylokastro, Kineta

Duration 6 hours
Departure points: Loutraki, Athens, Corinth, Xylokastro, Kineta
Pick Up Αt the place of residence
  • Tour Hightlights

    • Corinth Canal
    • Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth
    • Archeological museum of Ancient Corinth
    • St. Paul’s Church
    • Castle of Acrocorinth
    • Temple of Zeus in Nemea
    • Archeological Museum of Nemea
    • Drive on the Wine Road

  • Available on Organized Bus Tour & Private Tour

  • The private tour includes: 

    Luxury Transport, English Speaking Escort

    Not includes: 

    Admission to Archaeological sites & museums, Certified Tour Guide, Travel Insurance, Personal Expenses

    Extra offers:

    20% discount at our rent a car pricelist

    10% discount at Loutraki Thermal Spa’s prices