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Road Tour of the Peloponnese (Self- drive individual package)

Travel to Greece in order to make the famous road-tour of the Peloponnese

Discover the beauties of this magical region and get to know its great history and culture.

Important archaeological sites, Byzantine monuments and castles, traditional villages, endless beaches and bays, natural beauties such as forests and lakes, splendid cuisine and hospitable people are some of the pieces that compose the puzzle of this unique place.

We design, plan and offer all the services of this particular individual package.

Package Program:

Day 1 Arrival at Loutraki – about 100Km

After arriving at the Athens Airport we complete the car rental procedures with a representative of our agency and the journey begins. We depart for the small seaside resort of Loutraki, also known as the Gate of the Peloponnese. In about an hour and fifteen minutes you will be at the hotel. Enjoy the sunset overlooking the Corinthian Gulf by dining or having a drink. The unique “aura” of the area will surely enchant you.

Day 2 Corinth Canal – Olympia – 260Km

After breakfast, the trip to the Peloponnese has already begun. First stop at the Corinth Canal, known from the ancient world as the boundary that separated this region from the rest of Greece. Stand at the bridge at a height of about 80 meters and photograph the 6346 meters of the canal. After this short stop we continue to Olympia. Drive along the southern shores of the Corinthian Gulf with a great view. After two hours we arrive at Ancient Olympia, the place where the Olympic Games were born. Visit the archaeological site and the museum. Here used to stand the statue of Zeus, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. You will see the famous Hermes of Praxiteles and walk on the stadium where the games were held. Then we will depart for your hotel in the area.

Day 3 Temple of Apollo Epicurius – Pylos – 160Km

The next day we will head south to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, one of the most important temples of antiquity. It is very similar to the Parthenon and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we head towards the sea. On the way we find countless beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. The day ends at the picturesque town of Pylos, built around a bay, where we will stay overnight.

Day 4 Kalamata – Areopoli

After breakfast, we depart for Kalamata, an important city of the southern Peloponnese and also the entrance for the messinian region of Mani. We will stop for a coffee or to visit the city’s shopping center. Then we head south to the scenic Kardamili, a beautiful town with stone houses and tiled roofs. The famous Stoupa is the second stop of the trip, with the beloved beach and the turquoise waters. The last station is Areopoli, the capital of Mani. Walk through the stone-paved streets and enjoy the local cuisine. Here we stay overnight.

Day 5 Diros Cave – Gythio – Monemvasia – 95Km

In the morning we recommend visiting the famous Caves of Diros, which are among the most beautiful caves in the world. During your boat tour you will admire their rich and colorful decoration as well as the wonderful stalactites. Then we head to Gythio, this beautiful island-like town, where you can have dinner by the picturesque harbor overlooking the Laconian Gulf. Afterwards, we head to the castle-town of Monemvasia where we will spend the night. This place has a unique atmosphere and creates a romantic setting within the walls of the medieval fortress. Full of churches, stone houses and streets it looks like a fairytale setting.

Day 6 Mystras – Nafplio – 200Km

Built on the slopes of Taygetos, the castle-town of Mystras will take you on a journey in time. So during your visit you will experience an unprecedented cultural experience at this awesome place. You will walk through the Byzantine churches, climb the walls and follow the steps of Constantine Palaiologos, the last Byzantine emperor. Then, as we begin to go back, we will visit Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece. Here you will walk in the scenic streets and enjoy the view from Palamidi, the castle standing over the city. Also known as “Naples of the East”, Nafplio exudes romance, nobility and luxury. We will stay overnight.

Day 7 Epidaurus – Corinthia – 100Km

On the day before our last on the Peloponnese tour we will visit the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. Just a short distance from Nafplio lies the archaeological site and next to it a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius. It is considered the finest ancient Greek theater regarding acoustics and aesthetics and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The theater has a capacity of 14000 seats and was constructed for the purpose of entertainment and healing of the soul. Then we will spend some time at the small seaside village of Epidaurus, and then continue to Corinthia for an overnight stay.

Day 8th Departure for the airport – 100Km

This magical journey has come to an end. You will arrive at the airport and catch your return flight full of unique pictures and special experiences.

Road Tour of the Peloponnese (Self- drive individual package)

Days 8
Destination Loutraki, Corinth Canal, Olympia, Temple of Apollo Epicurius – Pylos, Kalamata, Areopoli - Diros Cave, Gythio, Monemvasia, Mystras, Nafplio, Epidaurus – Corinthia
Price Upon Request
  • The package includes:

    • 7 Nights plus breakfast in 3 & 4 star hotels in the wider areas of: Loutraki (1), Ancient Olympia (1), Pylos (1), Areopoli (1), Monemvasia (1), Nafplio (1), Corinthia (1)
    • Car rental for 7 days (24-hours)
    • Partial liability insurance (C.D, W,)
    • Gps
    • Tourist Map of Greece
    • Transfers from/to the airport if necessary
    • Suggestions and tips for sightseeing and beaches
    • Restaurant suggestions
    • 24 hour support

  • It does not include:

    • Airplane / ferry tickets
    • Entrance fees to archaeological sites and museums
    • Toll booth fees
    • Car fuel
    • Full car insurance
    • Travel insurance
    • Any other meals besides breakfast
    • Anything not specifically mentioned in the program

  • Additional Features:

  • Add and remove days in the program

    Package customization to specific destinations of the customer’s choice

    Semi-pension in hotels

    Booking of airplane and ferry tickets

    Your “El Venizelos” Airport arrival or departure can be combined with an overnight stay in Athens and a tour of the city.