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Loutraki – Corinthia Private Tours

Loutraki – Corinthia Private Tours

Visit Archaeological sites, islands and points of interest with our private tours!

1) Argolis

A full day tour, where we will be visiting the archaeological site of Mycenae, the vaulted tombs of the renowned kings of the Trojan War, the theatre of Epidaurus which is famous for its excellent acoustics and Nafplio, the capital of the First Hellenic Republic.

2) Athens
We will explore the capital of Greece while visiting the archaeological site of the Acropolis, the Greek Parliament, the Acropolis Museum, and the Panathenaic stadium. We’ll also get a glimpse of the modern lifestyle of Greeks.

3) Loutraki area
We will visit the monastery of Osios Patapios and enjoy the spectacular view, the Lighthouse, the ancient Temple of Hera and Vouliagmeni Lake, one of the most beautiful lagoons in Greece with beautiful white sand and surrounded by a natural pine forest.

4) Kalavryta
Not only the nature lovers but also those who have an interest in Greek history will enjoy the exceptional experience in Kalavryta. We’ll take a ride with the cog railway (Odontotos) and reach Kalavryta. We will visit the historical monasteries of Mega Spileo and Agia Lavra or the Cave of Lakes.

5) Olympia
Olympia is home to the most praised sanctuary of Ancient Greece and the Olympic Games. We will visit the ancient stadium were the Games were taking place, the sanctuary of God Zeus and the Museum of the Olympic Games. On our way back, we will enjoy the beautiful and diverse landscape of Peloponnese.

6) Meteora

Meteora, a cultural Unesco World Heritage Site is a unique destination and one of the most visited in Greece. Hill-like rounded boulders host atop monasteries. We will visit the monasteries, get an idea of the everyday life of monks and enjoy the spectacular view from the top

7) Delfi
In this one-day tour we will visit Delphi, the navel of the World according to the Ancient Greeks. We will visit the Temple of Apollo and the archaeological museum with its unique masterpieces like Iniohos. We’ll continue the tour and spend some time in Arachova, a traditional and picturesque village.

8) Ancient Corinth – Nemea – Wineries
We will start the tour from the archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth and the Temple of Apollo. We will continue to Nemea and the Temple of Zeus archaeological site. The Nemean Games were taking place in the ancient stadium which we will also visit. Nemea is also known for its red wine which numbers thousands of years of history. We will then visit the wineries of the area and do a wine tasting

9) Nature of Corinthia and Arcadia

Driving past the peaks of the mountains of Ziria and Helmos, we will relish a scenic route filled with extraordinary natural beauty. We will make a stop at the see Lake Stymphalia (a mythology known location), and we will visit the Environment Museum of Stympfalia and learn more about the area and the locals. Dimitsana and Stemnitsa will be the next destinations of this tour. Two historic and picturesque villages of Peloponnese and visit the Open-Air Water Power Museum.

10) One-day cruise (Aigina- Poros- Hydra)
Join one of the most popular cruises to three Greek islands of the Argosaronic Gulf. We will visit the romantic island of Poros, The historic island of Aegina, and beautiful Hydra.

11) One-day cruise (Aigina- Agistri- Crossing canal)
A cruise to two lovely islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, Aegina, and Agistri. On the way back, you will live an once in a lifetime experience while crossing the Corinth Canal.

12) Crossing Corinth Canal

Crossing through the Canal is a one of a kind experience.

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